The eighteenth season of the ‘Selz Foundation Hazor Excavations in Memory of Yigael Yadin’ was took place between June 24th and August 3rd  2007. The excavations are sponsored by the Philip and Muriel Berman Center for Biblical Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and by the Israel Exploration Society. The expedition benefited from the assistance of the Antiqua Foundation (Geneva Switzerland), the Edith and Reuben Hecht Fund, the Late Reginald David Benjamin and Esme Benjamin of Perth, Western Australia and other individual donors.

The excavations are conducted in the Hazor National Park and receive full cooperation from the National Parks Authority.

The expedition numbered some 60 participants. In addition to the permanent staff, these included groups from the Southern Adventist University in the U.S. (led by Dr. Michael G. Hasel), Volunteers from the United States, Canada, Europe and students of archaeology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

The area supervisors were V. Avrutis (Areas A-2 and A-3); and S. Zuckerman, assisted by S. Bechar and R. Lavi. The team also included: D. Porotzki and S. Pirski(surveying and drafting); M. Cimadevilla (photography); D. Sandhouse (registration), O. Cohen, assisted by I. Strand was in charge of restoration and preservation; S. Yadid and I. Strand (administration). The expedition was housed at Kibbutz Mahanaim.